What Types of Metal do we scrap?

We scrap a huge range of metals. From household appliances & cars, to copper pipe and brass taps. We have the experience and knowledge to turn your unwanted scrap into cash quickly & easily.

If you are unable to get your scrap to us, give us a call for general pricing information and pick-up options.

Scrap Metal Types

Why Recycle Scrap Metal?

Research has shown that recycled scrap metal can be beneficial to the environment. Using recycled scrap metal in place of virgin iron ore can reportedly yield:

  • 75% savings in energy
  • 90% savings in raw materials used
  • 86% reduction in air pollution
  • 40% reduction in water use
  • 76% reduction in water pollution
  • 97% reduction in mining wastes

Every ton of new steel made from scrap steel saves:

  • 1,115 kg of iron ore
  • 625 kg of coal
  • 53 kg of limestone

Energy savings from other metals include:

  • Aluminium savings of 95% energy
  • Copper savings of 85% energy
  • Lead savings of 65% energy
  • Zinc savings of 60% energy

Sourced from Wikipedia ‘Scrap’ page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrap

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