Automotive Battery Scrap Metal

What is Battery Scrap?

Batteries can have a strong negative effect on the environment if disposed of incorrectly. Often dead batteries can sit in a garage for years, taking up useful space. Batteries tend to be very heavy due to the volume of lead and lead dioxide plates that make up the batteries storage capacity.

Why scrap my old battery?

When an old car battery dies there is little to no real use for it in its current state. We provide a battery disposal service without the cost of visiting the tip. Why pay someone to dispose of your vehicle’s battery when you can have it recycled at no cost to you and receive some cash.

Ingot metals will recycle your car, truck or motorcycle battery at no charge and if you have a pile of them, you will walk away with cash in hand as a result!

How much will you pay for my dead battery?

A dead battery must be processed in order to get the lead out of it. Due to this processing time the returns on a single battery are likely to be minimal. Similar to e-waste, Ingot Metals will recycle your dead battery without the negative environmental effects.

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