Lead Scrap Metal Recycling

What is Lead?

Lead is a silvery metal that is very high density (heavy) as well as having poor electrical conductivity. It also has a high resistance to corrosion which is part of the reason it is often used in marine applications such as fishing sinkers and weights.

Historically lead was used in some paints which have caused some concern, especially when related to children’s toys.

Lead is so dense that it is often used to shield radiation from things like MRI machines and is so effective at this that not even Superman can see through it!

Where would I find Lead Scrap Metal?

Lead has been removed from many paints and other items that may have contained it in the past due to health concerns. It is still found however, in automotive applications in places such as Mag Wheel Weights & nails.

These days you are likely to find Lead in:

Why should I scrap my lead?

Most metal ores contain less than 10% lead. This must be extracted, purified and condensed into the pure metal that is often required for manufacturing. This not only takes a lot of time and energy, but also impacts on the environment due to the related mining operations.

Both production and consumption of lead is increasing globally. About half of all lead produced is produced from recycled lead scrap. By choosing to recycle your scrap lead you are helping us to return used lead back into a useable material for 35% of the energy required to mine and refine lead ore.

What is the price of lead scrap metal?

Lead is more of a specialised metal these days and hence there are fewer variants when compared to other metal types. We have two pricing tiers meaning that all lead we receive will be priced somewhere between 75c and $1.70 per KG.

Rates do fluctuate with demand so please contact the team for information on our current pricing.

How do I know what my Scrap Lead is worth?

As most lead is clean and pure, it is most likely that any to be recycled will be priced around $1.70 per KG. This is however only an indication and pending the source of the lead, could be much more. Due to the dense nature of Lead you may find that there is more value in the item you have than you expected.

To give an indication of Lead prices, please visit the Scrap Metal Pricing guide

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