What items can we scrap?

We scrap a huge range of household goods from appliances to vehicles, as well as servicing plumbers, electricians and other trades people & industrial clients.

If you are unable to get your scrap to us, give us a call for pick-up options and general pricing.

Sources of Scrap Metal

Do I need to pull apart or separate my scrap?

Although it is not necessary to separate your scrap metal yourself, it can help to improve the value of the items you are bringing into our scrap yards.

By pulling apart your items and removing plastic and other non-metal components we may be able to pay a higher price per KG. On top of this, by splitting the metal into different metal types, we will be able to pay you for each specific metal, rather than an estimated average price (which is usually less).

Where should I take my scrap metal to?

Ingot Scrap Metals have scrap yards in both Petone and Levin. This helps us supply the entire wellington region from Kapiti and Upper Hutt, through to Wellington City, with an easy place to take your scrap.

Often it can be hard to fit scrap metal into a small run around car. Due to this we have a fleet of vehicles in the area that may be able to pick up your scrap to save you the time and hassle. Pick-up costs are often factored into the value of scrap, so please keep this in mind when considering this option.

Appliance Scrap Metal

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