Brass Scrap Metal Recycling

What is Brass?

Brass is a bright gold coloured alloy that consists of Copper and Zinc. Brass is a very malleable metal when compared to bronze or zinc and due to a low melting point (900-940 Deg Celsius), is a very easy metal to cast resulting in its use for a large number of household applications.

The colour of brass is determined by the volume of zinc in the alloy, with the more zinc creating a lighter coloured metal. As the zinc levels increase, the resulting alloy is much softer with the softest of brass types (white brass) being too brittle for general use.

Lead or silicone is often added to brass in order to enhance its machinability. Brass with silicone in it cannot be mixed with leaded brass scrap due to safety issues and contamination.

Where would I find Brass Scrap Metal?

Around the house, brass is often used in places where low friction is required such as taps, ammunition casings, locks, bearings and gears. Brass is probably best known for being used in musical instruments such as the trumpet, tube, horn and of course saxophones.

Why should I scrap my Brass?

As brass is an alloy that is a combination of metals, the process of creating brass involves the furnacing of copper and zinc, before the two are combined to create brass. This results in a significant manufacturing process from start to finish, which can be significantly reduced if used items are recycled.

What is the price of Brass Scrap Metal?

Brass comes in a large number of variations based on the mix of Copper and Zinc.

At the highest level these are broken into:

Brass ClassCopperZinc
Alpha Brasses>65%<35%
Alpha-beta Brasses55% – 65%35% – 45%
Beta Brasses50%-55%45% – 50%
White Brass<50%>50%

How do I know what my scrap Brass is worth?

The easiest way is to simply bring it in to us. Although Brass is a relatively common metal, there are so many variations it would be impossible to list all possible price options. The team at Ingot Metals are experienced in processing brass and are the best bet for an accurate measure of value.

To give an indication of Brass prices, please visit the Scrap Metal Pricing guide

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