Steel and Cast Iron Scrap Metal

What is the difference between Steel & Cast Iron?

Cast Iron

Cast iron is a ferrous alloy that has been heated until liquid, and then poured into a mould. The main alloying elements are Carbon and Silicon. Iron alloys with less than 2.1 – 4 wt% Carbon and 1-3 wt% silicone are known as Steel.

Cast iron has a relatively low melting point, resists deformation, wears well and has excellent machinability. This results in a wide range of engineering applications and use in things such as bearings, automotive industry parts, sumps and grates.


Steel is an alloy that consists of Iron and Carbon. Historically steel has been an essential material and its use dates back to roman times. When compared to other metals, iron is comparatively weak and ductile. Steel gains its strength from the addition of carbon to the iron, but sacrifices how ductile it is as a result.

Where would I find Steel Scrap Metal?

Steel scrap is extremely common and likely to be the most common scrap metal in your household. We are always looking for steel scrap to meet international demand, so don’t hesitate to contact our team to get an idea as to what your scrap is worth.

Scrap Roofing Iron

Where would I find Cast Iron?

Cast iron is less common than general steel; however it is still a very common metal around the house. If you are unsure if your metal is considered cast iron or steel bring it in to us or call the team in Petone or Porirua.

Why should I scrap my steel or cast iron?

Steel is an essential metal across all industries. Due to this, it is one of the highest demand metals when looking at production volumes and recycling rates. Steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials (not just including metals) with an estimated 60% recycling rate worldwide.

Although relatively inexpensive compared to other metals, it is available in abundance and hence can be a great way to get some extra money in the bank for a pile of scrap metal.

What is the price of steel and cast iron?

Steel is priced separately to Stainless Steel and other variants. For information on Stainless Steel please visit the stainless steel page for metal information and pricing.

When pricing steel scrap, it is measured by metric tonne. Due to this it can be hard to gauge exactly how much your scrap will work out to be. General prices per metric tonne range from $80 – 230 pending purity and quality of the metal.

How do I know what my scrap steel and cast iron is worth?

It can often be hard to gauge how pure an item made from Steel actually is. As there are a lot of variants, plus a thin line between cast iron and what would be considered steel, we strongly recommend you give us a call with the information on what you want to scrap. This will allow us to provide you an accurate reflection of the value of your scrap steel.

To give an indication of Steel prices, please visit the Scrap Metal Pricing guide

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