Appliance Scrap Metal (Whiteware)

We scrap all types of appliances across Wellington and Manawatu. We can pick up your scrap for as little as $80, or you can drop off your appliance directly to any of our local scrap metal yards. For more information please contact us to arrange collection of your whiteware or heat pump.

What is Appliance Scrap Metal?

Appliance scrap is made up of all those kitchen and laundry appliances that will often stop working with little to no notice. Often when purchasing a new fridge it will come with delivery, but what about the old one?


Why scrap rather than sell?

Ever tried to sell a broken fridge? When appliances reach the end of their lives there is rarely much that can be done to bring it back to life in a cost effective manner. With the relevant technician call out charges and part prices, the expense is often more than a new machine is worth.

What metals are in my Appliance?

Typically a general appliance is made up of a steel case, magnetic stainless steel drum (414), electric motor and some electrical components.

As most machines have a layer of plastic over the metal, it typically lacks reasonable value.

Appliances we scrap include:

  • Heat Pumps
  • Heaters
  • Washing Machines
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Fridges

Do I have to pull apart my Appliance?

As there is little value in the appliance, pulling it apart will have no effect on its scrap value.

How much will you pay for my Appliance?

Although during times of the year we can sell the scrap for a minimal return, currently the overseas market is buying very little appliance scrap. We are still happy to take appliance scrap, however it is unlikely we will be able to pay anything for a single machine currently.

Please note: there is a fee to drop-off whiteware at our yard (minimum $20) as well as a fee for whiteware pick up by our team (minimum $80 – to cover our truck and labour costs).

Please contact us to discuss and get a quote.

For specific metal types please visit the relevant pages: